Hunter had a junior high soccer game today and when we walked into the stadium I saw a row of his friends at the very top of the bleachers ready to cheer him on. This is not unusual sight. And I love how these kids support each other.

A couple weeks ago, Hunter had a big club soccer game and he had some friends ask if they could come watch. They knew it was a big deal to Hunter and they showed up for him.

The following week, they showed up again. Let me be clear – this was not a small commitment. Hunter had to be early for his game, not to mention it was forty minutes away. And then it went into overtime. And then a shootout. We joked with his friends they had no idea they were committing 5 hours on a Friday night to watch a soccer game. But they were happy to be there (with drinks and pizza in hand!)

The next morning, Hunter had friends competing in a tennis tournament and you better believe, he reached out to one of the moms and asked if he could get a ride.

He wanted to support them the same way he had felt their support.

And my heart swelled just a little bit. I love everything about this. All these kids are such great friends and they love to cheer each other on.

The older I get, the more I realize how much we all just want people to cheer us on.

I may not be playing a soccer game or a tennis match, but it feels so good to know people see you and are hoping and cheering for your success.

It makes me want to be a better cheerleader to everyone. But especially teenagers. They could all use a little more love and cheering.