We were at a swim party this weekend and one of our friends who is Bennett’s age was concerned with how loose Briggs’ front tooth was. I knew it was loose but hadn’t noticed lately how loose it was. This 12-year-old boy was convinced he wanted to help Briggs pull out his tooth and he was doing everything he could to get Briggs to say yes to his idea.

But Briggs wasn’t budging.

They even tried bribing Briggs and still he was not about let someone else touch his tooth.

Then while standing in front of everyone while they talked about his tooth, he just pulled it out himself. Proudly holding the tooth for everyone to see.

Later that night, we got in the car and I was asking him why he didn’t want Benson helping him pull his tooth out. He simply stated, “I’ve pulled out all my teeth by myself, I didn’t need help.”

There you have it. He’s pulled out 4 teeth at this point – perhaps he has a future in dentistry.