We like to end the school year in style – with a large neighborhood water fight in our front yard the minute the kids step foot off the bus.

The kids have grown to expect it but every year we play dumb and pretend this is the year we just can’t get it to work. I usually have to arrange it with the bus driver ahead of time and the kids didn’t see me talk to him this year so they were worried walking out the door on the last day of school that they bus driver wouldn’t know what was going on. Jokes on them!

I think every year the amount of water balloons grows – thank heavens for quick fill balloons (zuru bunch o balloons). Our neighborhood group message is great at letting everyone know when they go on sale at Sams Club or Costco and it seems like all the families show up with a box or two. We probably had over 7000 balloons – and you’d think the fight would last longer than it does, but the kids approach it as a rapid fire as opposed to precision. 🙂