Bennett came into my room bright and early this morning and announced it was “Semi-finals” day.

He was right. We had a big day full of (important-to-us) semi-final games.

We started the evening with Hunter competing in the semi-finals for his school soccer team. They’ve only had one loss the whole season so we were walking into tonight confident. But soccer can be a maddening sport and full of surprises. We were happy to walk away with a 1-0 win. Although it was dicey up until the very last minute.

We raced out of Hunter’s game and drove 20 minutes to the 6A semi-finals for boys volleyball where our nephew was playing. We saw him play in the quarterfinals on Tuesday and they played so incredibly well, we were excited for another upset (we were playing the #1 team today). But sadly, the confident, strong team we saw play Tuesday didn’t show up today and it reflected in how they played. It was a fairly quick loss and a disappointing way to end a senior year. (However, unless your crowned champion your last game will always be a loss!)

As we drove away from the volleyball game, we were checking the score for the Suns western conference semi-final game against the Denver Nuggets. With two starting players out, we figured it would be a tough game and by the time we got home to turn on the game, it was already a blowout. Disappointing.

We didn’t get the outcomes we had hoped for on this day of semi-finals.

But Hunter’s team won and is advancing to the championship game on Monday and that is something to celebrate. He helped earn a banner for his school through his amazing cross country skills and we’re hoping they can bring home another trophy and banner.

Our nephew has closed his amazing volleyball chapter (after being awarded offensive player of the year for our region) and he’ll move on to celebrating graduation and preparing to serve a mission.

And we will continue to be Suns fans regardless of their record. And Briggs will wash his jersey and wear it again next week like any true fan would. 🙂