Hallie wrapped up her final tennis match (state playoffs) of her junior year this evening and I’m not ready for the season to be done.

State tennis includes both individual and team competition. For individual state, you apply to compete in singles or doubles (one or the other) and Hallie applied to compete in doubles. They went into the tournament last weekend seeded as #5 in the state – which is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. They won their first two matches and ended up falling to the #4 team in the quarterfinals.

We were so proud with how they played – they battled it out in the heat of the day and didn’t give up. They are both juniors and were competing against mostly seniors so we’re excited to have another chance next year. The best part is her partner is one of her best friends and they have so much fun together – winning or losing.

And although the tournament last weekend seemed like the culmination of a great season, the girls had to show up today and compete in the quarterfinals for team state – unfortunately, we lost to the team who will end up winning state this weekend.

After watching Hallie on the court today, Steve claimed it was the best tennis Hallie has played all season. I argued her match against Xavier was her best match but he wasn’t there so today was the best he’d seen her play! She has worked so hard and has come so far – I’m grateful we have another year to enjoy from the sidelines.