My brother called a couple weeks ago and let me know he would be coming to town for work and was bringing his family. Unfortunately, we had a family wedding the same weekend and because we never pass up an opportunity to see family, we were jumping from one side of the family to the other all weekend long!

Here’s the weekend according to our phones:

We met up at the temple one afternoon with those available, we missed Hallie and my brother but we enjoyed our time together.

My nephew had his first state playoff game for his volleyball team. There was a conflict with his sister’s wedding dinner and his family was occupied so we made sure to show up for him and my brother’s family loves volleyball so they gladly joined us.

We spent an afternoon at the park/splashpad. Our boys haven’t met a park they can’t make up an amazing game at so they played, the girls sat by the water and the adults played spikeball.

While Steve and I attended the temple wedding for our niece, my brother and his wife entertained our kids by taking them to lunch (if you’re in Mesa, check out Tacos Chiwas) and to Dairy Queen for a treat.

Saturday evening we attended the reception for our niece while my brother went and saw some family members in the area. Receptions are basically a small family reunion and we see family members we don’t see often enough. We keep in contact with immediate family, but Steve’s aunts/uncles/cousins and even some of our married nieces and nephews who don’t live in the area we don’t see very often. So we really enjoy when someone in the family gets married!

When Hallie is with all her cousins, it’s hard to get her off the dance floor!

We got home from the reception and watched funny videos with my brother’s family until we had tears were rolling down our cheeks. Somehow, they had missed the “Titanic Camel” video from a few years back and my brother had a hard time recovering after that one. (

We were hoping to enjoy some time with my brother’s family today, but as luck would have it their flight was cancelled – and instead of waiting 24 hours for the flight they were rebooked on, they took their rental car and started driving the 11 hours home. Bummer.

It was a quick weekend but we packed so much in – makes us excited for summer when we can see them again.