We had the best weekend. As school winds down, it feels as though every organization is trying to get in their banquets and parties and get togethers before everyone scatters for the summer.

Hunter and Bennett both had separate campouts and fun adventures (Steve joined Bennett’s group and hopefully pictures will come).

We had an end of the season soccer party.

And a birthday party.

And Hallie has been living her best life for a while now and this weekend was no exception.

I finally got around to planting plants up our walkway that we ripped out early this year.

And today was full of more goodness.

Steve and I have been building a life together for almost 20 years and some of our greatest joy comes from these 5 humans. Motherhood is not always natural for me but I really do try hard and I hope my kids see that.

I may be in the minority, but I really enjoy mother’s day. I don’t see it as a day that exposes all of my shortcomings as a mother – instead, I see it as a day to reflect on and celebrate all the beautiful and fulfilling relationships I treasure. As a wife. As a mom. As a daughter. As a sister. As a friend. As a teacher. As a neighbor.

Truth be told – I need improvement in all those roles, but today I’m focusing on how rich my life is because of the people who’s lives are so tightly intertwined with mine.