He is the coolest dad I know and he is now getting hand me down shoes from his oldest son!

If I could choose to celebrate anyone, Steve would be at the top of the list and to be honest he is so easy to celebrate. He is fun, loving, playful and sincere at his core. We were at a family reunion recently and I was watching him interact with my family (parents and siblings) from afar and I couldn’t be more grateful for the way he’s embraced my family over the years and how he counts them as his own, he fits right in.

Seeing as though we’re coming up on our 20th wedding anniversary, we’ve spent a lot of time recently talking about our life together and how far we’ve come. We are totally different people than we were 20 years ago – in a good way. And one of my very favorite things about Steve is his earnest desire to grow and change.

There is a song we put on our summer playlist this year by Ben Platt called “Grow As We Go” and it describes us perfectly.

You don’t ever have to leave
If to change is what you need
You can change right next to me
When you’re high, I’ll take the lows
You can ebb and I can flow
And we’ll take it slow
And grow as we go

And that is exactly what we’ve done. We’ve slowly grown together. There is no doubt he is my better half.

He’s present. He’s supportive. He’s funny. He’s patient.

And now he’s a year older.

Happy Birthday!