While we were at Powell, one of our friends took Hunter and I for a jet ski ride into one of the narrow canyons. It was so cool, we made sure to make several visits. On our last visit to the canyon we went as far as we possibly could – where the water stopped. We decided to dock the jet skis and started hiking farther into the canyon.

We weren’t more than a couple bends in when the younger kids expressed their disinterest in the not-so-magnificent hike. It was pretty, but no more pretty than the canyon we rode the jet ski through. Hunter wanted to press on and decided to run ahead and see if there was anything of interest. He started hollering that he found something so we quickly followed. He duped us because he found a funny looking bird walking but that was it. But at that point, Hunter went ahead just a little farther and that’s when the canyon went from pretty – to magnificent.

It suddenly felt like we were hiking through Antelope Canyon which is on my bucket list. The most beautifully sculpted red rock with light filtering in from above. We hiked through the canyons as they grew more narrow. Eventually, there was a large pool of water. I felt the water with my feet and knew there was not a chance I would be submerging myself in the ice cold water. But Hallie, Hunter and Cannon were more than willing.

Just past the pond, we could see a waterfall and that was the end of the canyon, there was no way to go but up or back out the way we came. We marveled at the beauty we stumbled upon and grateful we didn’t turn around earlier. We found a hidden gem and it was one of the highlights of the week.