I mentioned that Hallie really loved having jewelry class with her cousin Knox. The truth is she absolutely loved the class and it was an added bonus her cousin was in the class with her. She has taken three jewelry classes at the high school: Beginning, intermediate and advanced. (And I’m pretty sure she’s signed up to take advanced for another semester!)

Each level focuses on a different method of making jewelry and she has enjoyed every stage: Soldering, casting and stone setting. It truly is an art. She’s always been a jewelry fan but after taking this class, her ring count has significantly increased and most days she’s wearing 2-3 rings on each hand. I often see a pile of rings on the counter after she gets home from school and washes her hand. And then the next morning as she’s rushing off to school she makes sure to grab the pile on her way out.

Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next year!