We drove 4,627 miles. Steve was only with us and helped drive for 8 hours and Hallie drove for 5 hours. I carried the driving this year!

License plates: We found 47 our of 50 states. We missed finding South Dakota, Rhode Island and Vermont. And then two days after we got home we found two South Dakota license plates on our way to Sam’s Club. Go figure.

We were gone for 33 days (not counting Lake Powell) which was the exact number we were gone last year because we left the exact same day as last year and returned after sports camp the same day. We are creatures of habit.

Sports camp: We had three kids attend BYU Sports camp this year. Hallie went for tennis and Hunter and Bennett went for soccer.

Gas: The most we paid was $5.05 in Washington. The lowest we paid was $3.59 in Utah. We stopped and gassed up our car 16 different times in those 33 days.

Beds: We moved to a new bed 8 different times (Hunter and Bennett moved 10 different times).

States: We touched Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

We attended one family reunion.

Watched two tennis tournaments: One for Hallie and one for Hunter where he took second place.

We purchased 14 pairs of shoes. Not even sure how that is possible on vacation. But everyone had outgrown/worn out their cleats and court shoes and regular shoes before we left for vacation so we stocked up while we were out and about.

We met two new babies in the family.

We had two missionary farewells for two of our nephews.

I learned how to drive a motorcycle with my brother’s expert instruction.

We ate more loaves of Grandma Sycamore bread than I would ever like to admit.

We picked raspberries twice and blackberries.

We got 5 haircuts.

We swam and fished in ponds, we bridge jumped into rivers, we body boarded and surfed in manmade waves, we climbed mountains to waterfalls, we ran through splash pads, rode water slides at a rec center, floated rivers and swam in public pools.

We traveled long enough we required an oil change, tires rotated and alignment completed.

We missed the hottest Arizona summer on record with 23 days above 110 degrees (and counting) and multiple days breaking daily heat records with 118 degrees.

We pulled into town at 11pm and it was still 108 degrees. If it wasn’t for kids starting school soon, we probably would’ve stayed away a little longer. Until next year…