I’m grateful for the adventures my kids are able to go on with their church groups and even more grateful when the leaders provide pictures!

Hunter was able to hike The Jug – a hike I’ve heard of so many times but never hiked it.

The All Trails description states: The Jug is a technical canyoneering route that requires specialized equipment and training in order to complete. This route is not a hike. This route also requires rappelling, fifth-class scrambling, and wading through sections of deep water. A wetsuit is recommended most times of the year.

The minute I heard wetsuits were recommended most of the year, I realized this is a hike I would probably never complete. I don’t do cold water. 🙂

Hunter’s group hiked at the ideal time and it was still cold (only a few wore wetsuits). But it was the best kind of an adventure.

Hunter confirmed just how cold the water was so I will live vicariously through his experience on this one!