Briggs has patiently (or not so patiently) been waiting for his turn to start sports. We set a precedent with the older kids that they needed to wait until they turned 8 years to start playing sports. That worked great for our first two because they had fall birthdays. But when Bennett (spring birthday) started second grade, the school year he turned 8, we decided we needed to get him started to start building some coordination – so he started at the beginning of the school year.

Briggs is our other spring birthday and he just started second grade so he was more than ready. He has attended more sporting events of his siblings than any of our children and he was so excited for his turn. Soccer is in our blood so we knew he would choose soccer, but we’re also hoping to get him in flag football and basketball after he finishes fall soccer.

Ever since the day he knew we had signed him up he’s been asking about his team, his cleats, his practice…he was more than ready. And today was the day. He. Was. Beaming.

My guess is this kid will keep us busy watching sports for years to come and I’m totally okay with that.