I feel like I’m never able to convey in words just how memorable our summer roadtrips are which is why it takes multiple posts to show what we did for 6 weeks. Here’s our final roadtrip wrap-up…

Hallie broke my windshield on day one of our roadtrip. We had a small chip where a rock had hit it some time ago. She rested her foot on the dashboard leaning her foot on the windshield and it was just enough pressure to make a loud cracking noise and sent cracks in both directions. She sent me this text while driving.

It doesn’t matter how many years I’ve lived away from Idaho – when I see a bag of Idaho potatoes I can’t help but feel a little closer to home.

We were able to attend my nephew’s farewell talk at church as we were passing through. He’s going to be a rockstar and I’m already loving his weekly emails.

These cousins sure love each other!

And when four cousins show up in white dresses you’ve got to document.

Hallie found my old Canon PowerShot camera shortly before we left on vacation and it’s her new favorite thing. It got quite a bit of use this summer.

Just me and my mom – talking about ancestors.

We stayed with my brother for a few days and when the girls went shopping one afternoon we couldn’t help but take a mirror selfie. These two girls are growing up and moving on and our visits aren’t going to be quite the same.

I met up with some friends for lunch. We had been together at Powell just a few weeks prior but we never have enough time to talk. I left lunch and sent a text to Steve, “These women are good for my soul.” If only we lived closer!

While in Provo for the kids sports camp, I made a visit to my niece while she was at work at Lonely Ghost.

Also, while in Provo we were able to meet new additions to the family. Two of my nephews had babies this summer and we made sure to snuggle them for a bit.

And as we pulled into Phoenix area at 11pm on our way home – we were disappointed at the realization that the summer heat was still going strong. We were hopeful it would die down while we were away.