I love technology…until I don’t.

Today, not a fan.

When we got home from our summer road trip, my computer was struggling. I figured it just needed some attention and it would get used to being overworked again.

But then it started doing some weird things so I worked to make sure all my software was up-to-date (always my go-to when things start to act up). While updating, I got a hard drive failure notice. Not what I was hoping for. I have all my files backed up online so I wasn’t worried about losing anything. But I was still hopeful when I took my computer in today they would be able to fix it by reinstalling the software in recovery mode.

Spoiler Alert: My trip to the Apple store wasn’t magical. They tried several things before confirming the hard drive had gone bad and needed to be replaced. (I have owned apple computers exclusively since 2005 and I’ve never had an internal hard drive fail. Evidently, I have some seriously good luck!)

The tech guy asked if I had everything backed up. And even though I checked a hundred times before bringing the computer in, there was still a slight panic when I confirmed I had the backup. Why is that the scariest question ever?! Yes I have a backup. But that doesn’t mean I want to recover 2.5 TB of data!

Now I’m working on my laptop. Not my favorite, but so grateful I have a laptop when they tell me they’ll have my computer for a week. But this small laptop screen is killing me and I was so excited to finally work on a normal sized computer after a summer on the road. I have to keep telling myself it could be worse. The hard drive is one of the cheapest components to replace in the computer – thanking my lucky stars I don’t have to buy a new computer. Even more grateful I have an online back-up (backblaze.com). Once I realized the hard drive was going, I tried to move some files I knew I would need right away and I couldn’t even move files off the hard drive. So now I wait for my files to be shipped to me. Looks like my summer vacation has been extended!