He waited so long for this moment. I thought he was excited when he left for his very first practice. But that paled in comparison to the excitement of his very first soccer game – His only disappointment was when the team landed on “Polar bears” for their team name as opposed to the name he suggested, “Arctic Wolves”. I can see why he was so disappointed!

Sadly, the Polar bears didn’t land a win this weekend. But that didn’t seem to phase him. I’m pretty sure he was the most physical player on the field (all legal play – this level just hasn’t learned to be physical quite yet) and we can attribute that strength to backyard ball with his brothers.

I was nervous about him playing a level up, but after watching him this weekend, I think he’ll be just fine. And he’s so excited and has already asked when all of his siblings are going to come watch him play – you better believe every single one of them will be on his sidelines at one game or another. He can’t wait.

He did inform me if ASU ever has a game during his soccer game he’s going to have to miss soccer. Luckily, that won’t be a conflict but I admired his commitment to a subpar football team.