We celebrated this guy today and he is so fun to celebrate.

We sat around this morning at breakfast telling memorable stories about Hunter. This kid has simultaneously kept us on our toes and laughing at the same time. He’s usually one step ahead of us and always planning his next joke/prank. Whether that’s hiding in our shower or planning an elaborate alarm clock heist.

He’s just fun to have around. Typically in a good mood. Optimistic.

He challenges himself and sets goals – and then works to accomplish it. For example, earlier in the year he was in a high school level spanish class while in 8th grade. He set a goal to spend a certain amount of time in duolingo every day and when that was no longer challenging, he decided he wanted to learn how to pray in spanish. And after practicing and feeling confident he prayed in spanish multiple times in family and church settings. He has proven he knows the formula for setting and accomplishing goals.

I usually scan through my old photos to post some for birthdays but I only made it through 2023 before I had enough to truly capture what his life looks like right now for him.

His year summed up in one word…ACTIVE. He goes and goes and just when I think he can’t possibly fit anything else in – he manages to surprise me.

He’s managed to fit in soccer, tennis, snow skiing, wakesurfing, cross country, scuba diving, and hiking. On top of that he’s focusing on education, temple trips, service, family and friends.

He never ceases to amaze me. Happy birthday kid!