This is how we celebrate a 15-year-old when they have to go to school on their birthday.

Lunch of his choice. We offered to pick him up but his lunch is short so he decided to have me bring him Cane’s.

He had to act surprised as he opened all the presents he already knew about. It’s tough when you get to the age where you would rather get exactly what you want (sizes/colors) than be surprised. But he was a great actor.

He had some friends reach out to me and ask if they could surprise him when he got home from soccer. Unfortunately, Hunter has been fighting bronchitis for weeks. He’s missed tennis matches and soccer games and a lot of practices because he struggles to breathe when he exerts himself. He was looking forward to getting back on the field last night and was struggling yesterday so he missed yet another soccer practice. But we had to do something to get him out of the house since his friends were coming over – Hallie to the rescue! She took him to go grab some birthday treats. I think he was bumming it was his birthday, he’s been out of sports for weeks and top of that, his friends couldn’t go grab a treat with him (because they were in his bedroom).

He was in a much better mood when he got home to find his friends had surprised him with kind notes, treats and presents. They went to so much effort and were so excited to surprise him. And truly after the last couple weeks it was just what he needed. He felt loved. Steve and I sat in his room after every one left admiring the kind gesture of some good friends – we are so grateful for every single one of them.

Sickness aside – his birthday turned out pretty great.