Here’s a not so quiet secret…I’m not an animal fan – specifically cats and dogs. Like not at all.

And yet, they are a fan of me and I don’t know why! I don’t pet them. I don’t give them attention. I speak ill of them. But they don’t seem to mind and they just won’t leave me alone.

I’m not usually vocal of my disdain for animals (unless we’re really good friends) so it’s always a little dance of me avoiding the dog while trying not to let the homeowner know how uncomfortable I am with their dog putting their wet nose on me. Some houses I enter, the dog immediately jumps on me and it takes everything in me to not knock it down mid air. Instead I twirl around and walk a different direction and hope they lose interest in me. They rarely do.

I have to laugh at this picture Hallie snapped as I was carefully trying to avoid the dog at my feet. He didn’t even go near Hallie but wouldn’t leave me alone. He was trying to lick my toes which made me throw up in my mouth just a little bit and I was having the hardest time focusing on the conversation I was in. Hallie burst out laughing and I quickly realized I was not hiding anything as I danced around their dog doing everything I could to not have him touch me. Why don’t they leave me alone? And why am I not better at hiding just how uncomfortable I am?!