Briggs came down this morning with pants that were just a couple sizes too small. Not sure how long it took for him to squeeze into those babies but he was only mildly concerned when he struggled to button them. Clearly we missed a pair of pants in our last donation – luckily he found the exact same pants three sizes larger shoved under his bed.

We had our church primary program today where the kids stand at the pulpit and recite their parts and sing songs. Both Briggs and Cannon got to choose what they were going to say by answering a specific prompt.

Briggs’ prompt was “One miracle I have seen in my life is…” When I asked him what he wanted to share, he sat quietly for a minute and then without much hesitation he said, “When Hunter wasn’t seriously hurt when he dove into the water at Lake Powell.” I couldn’t agree more – it was a beautiful miracle he only received surface injuries to his face.

We talked about miracles a little more and he was reminded of a personal miracle for him. He decided to share his miracle today, “One miracle I have seen in my life is when I was stung by a scorpion and my dad gave me a blessing of healing to help manage the pain.”

He had it memorized, spoke loudly and clear for everyone to hear.

The following song was “The Miracle” and I can’t seem to listen to that song – especially when kids are singing – and not get emotional.

Jesus is a God of miracles
Nothing is at all impossible to Him
But I know this:
Of all His miracles the most incredible must be
The miracle that rescues you and me