Hunter has been demoing racquets for the last couple months in search of one that feels good to him. He wanted Hallie’s racquet, but they don’t make it anymore and we couldn’t find any used options.

So he’s tried a lot of racquets. He landed on a close match to Hallie’s racquet, same brand, similar style. I went to purchase two identical racquets and realized they don’t make this specific model anymore. They adjusted the new model and it’s not the same. So I went on the hunt for some older models.

After extensive research, I found a pair from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Hunter has his first match this week so we rushed the shipping and arranged to have them at the tennis pro this evening so she could string them for us before tomorrow’s match.

When they arrived this afternoon, I excitedly opened the box before dropping them off to get strung and I was met with disappointment. The racquets were not a matching pair – not what we ordered but he could use one while we sent the other back. I was so distracted by them not being the same I totally overlooked the fact these were already strung – definitely not what I ordered. The strings could be cut out and restrung to get the right tension and pattern he’s been used to. But upon closer inspection I realized neither racquet was right – not only that – they were the wrong grip size. HOW IN THE WORLD?!

I get it – one of them might be wrong – they might have pulled the wrong one. But both of them? Wrong frame. Strung, when I ordered unstrung. Wrong grip size. These aren’t even close to what I ordered except for the fact they are Head brand. They just threw two white and black racquets in and hoped they were right. But they weren’t. And now we’ve got to send them back. Customer service was great but had no faith they actually had the racquet we ordered. Awesome!

Back to demoing racquets, Hunter’s favorite past time!