We kept telling her she couldn’t grow up but she went ahead and did it anyway. This weekend we celebrated the family’s newest adult and made every joke we could regarding her new journey to adulthood.

Here’s a snapshot of Hallie at 18-years-old:

We always tell her she has the most beautiful, natural blonde hair and the minute she stops playing so much tennis she will lose her natural highlights and probably have light brown hair. She doesn’t want to admit that is a possibility.

She loves to hang out with friends but would prefer not to host. She doesn’t love the pressure of making sure people are having a good time.

She loves sports. I have a feeling she is going to make some guy happy one day when she wants to go to sporting events and watch games on tv.

She struggles with some indecisiveness which is a little difficult as she transitions to a new stage of life and making some big decisions.

She is so good to her brothers – they don’t know how good they’ve got it.

She loves Italian food and is always up for a good salad. I don’t know how this is even possible but she doesn’t love Mexican food. Although she loves Chipotle which I would categorize as a cousin to Mexican food. In-n-out is currently a favorite as well.

She prefers her hair curly to straight.

Her car is clean, her room is not.

She’s interested in photos and videography – whether that is something she ends up studying in college is left to be determined.

She has found some of the kindest and most loyal friends – both boys and girls – and it has shaped her high school experience.

She plays tennis competitively but enjoys playing volleyball, spikeball and pickleball recreationally.

She is a sucker for a cute pair of shoes – but it’s typically comfort above looks.

She looks forward to the temperature dropping below 100 degrees and she deems it “sweater weather”. Arizona has skewed our internal thermometers.

She loves to participate. She’s not usually worried about looking silly or not being good enough. She’ll always give it a try.

She loves jewelry and she can always be found with handmade rings on her hands.

Every night she comes home she parks it in the comfy chair in my office and talks about her night and everything else. It’s my very favorite time with her and I’m not looking forward to the time when that seat is empty late on a Saturday night.

She is beautiful inside and out and is so generous and kind at her very core. I wish I could take credit for how awesome she is but the truth is I think she came that way and I will forever admire the special light she carries with her.

Welcome to adulthood Hallie!