Hunter has worked and worked for a few summers on landing a 360 while wake surfing. He has been so close so many times but he’s never stuck the landing.

Hallie has made a few attempts but really lacked the finesse Hunter had which is why it surprised everyone, including Hallie, when she landed it. We were all so excited, screaming and cheering for her. I then convinced the two girls on the boat with us to pretend like we didn’t get it on video, and we shared the bad news with Hallie. 🙂

She was more than disappointed. She was devastated. She knew without video proof, there was no way Hunter would believe her! She made several more attempts and then deflated climbed back in the boat. Her friend handed her the phone and as Hallie scrolled through her fails, she found the successful 360. She was beaming.

You better believe she anxiously waited for Hunter to get home to show him the video. I wish I could say he was excited for her…but he was unnaturally frustrated with himself for having his sister show him up at the lake. His exact words were, “Unbelievable…that’s so annoying…” Along with some other sentiments. But none of his words could take away her pride and excitement.

A day later and she is still riding that high and will for a while!