Today we celebrated Cannon as he entered the world of double digits!

Here’s a 10-year-old snapshot:

He is the official game player in the family – and he will capitalize on any free 20 minutes Steve has to sit at the counter and play a game or two.

His best friend is and always has been a girl in our neighborhood.

He can’t leave for school until he’s given us hugs and told us he loves us at least three times.

He’s on student council this year and takes his role very seriously. He informed us he voted against a request for tshirts because he felt it was too much to pay for shirts. 🙂

He shares a room with Briggs and it might be the death of us all as they navigate the ins and outs of living together and sharing a space. I know eventually they will be the best of friends.

His hair is still as unmanageable as ever before – but he’s learning to do it himself. It just has a mind of its own.

He learned how to wakesurf this summer without much help and we were both equally surprised and proud of him.

He is a bright kid and his teachers just informed me at parent teach conferences he’s a natural leader.

He’s playing soccer again this year and we’re trying to teach him the art of aggression on the field- he’s plenty aggressive at home with his brothers we just need that to translate to the field.

He’s currently reading the Wild Robot series and loving it.

He loves cotton candy and dislikes sitting at tennis matches.

He’s happy. He talks about everything. He loves his friends.

In our family he often gets lumped in the “younger kids” category with Briggs but the truth is 10 doesn’t feel very young at all!

Happy Birthday buddy!