Our school did their big Color Run fundraiser last week and my kids were more than excited to participate. They run laps around the playground field as parents/volunteers throw chalk and douse them with water (it’s a pledge run but instead of paying a company to run it, our PTO runs it with help from the community). They walk away as filthy as can be but they are all smiles.

They run by grade level so Steve was a chalk thrower for Briggs’ grade and was a water gun sprayer for Cannon’s grade. And both kids did their best to pretend like they were trying to avoid their dad while simultaneously running right by him.

Cannon knows Hallie gets out of school early and invited her to come see him at the color run. She works after school so she let him know she wouldn’t be able to come see him – which he completely understood. But then she was home for lunch when Steve and I were leaving for the school and she realized she could probably come for a quick ten minutes – and ten minutes was all she needed to surprise him and totally make his day. He was beaming when his class walked out to the field and he saw her standing with us. Pure joy. She jumped on a water station with Steve for the short time she had and enjoyed spraying down her brother as he ran by a few times. She also lamented the fact the school started the color run after she had graduated from elementary school and she would have loved running in this event.

The school raised money to meet their goal and these kids couldn’t be more happy to be so dirty.