In honor of Halloween I wanted to post a quick throwback.

This year we aren’t doing a family costume and I’m only mildly sad about it. We often have a neighborhood party to attend as a family so a group costume made sense. But the neighborhood party was over the weekend and we couldn’t go. On Halloween, we have kids going every which way to trick-or-treat with friends so everyone has chosen a costume (two of which were decided as a group with their friends).

As I was talking with my mom about previous years’ costumes, I couldn’t help but think of Hallie’s monarch butterfly when she was younger. I loved it then and it still ranks as one of my favorites. The colors were so vibrant and the wings were so striking. I’m sure one day I’m going to pull this costume down from the attic and have remembered it differently, but it’s burned into my memory on Hallie’s little 5-year-old body.

She went trick-or-treating with a coat on that year because it was so cold in Wisconsin. (The wings were strapped to the back of her coat – not quite as spectacular when worn that way.) I’m sure glad we now live in a climate that doesn’t require us to cover up the costumes. Wish Hallie could wear this one just one more time without a coat!