The Diamonbacks are having a moment and we are here for it!

We are not huge baseball fans (although Steve grew up a baseball fan) but we are big sports fans and this has been an exciting post season. Bennett has to be our most realistic child and he has been so confident in the Dbacks from the moment they entered the postseason, even when the odds were heavily stacked against them.

He sat in the hotel at Carlsbad watching them take down the Dodgers.

He watches the games alone when no one is home and then is disappointed when he has to celebrate without anyone! He is invested. I kept trying to convince Steve to take him to a game because the tickets weren’t very expensive but Steve had little faith in the team and didn’t want to spend money on a game they would likely lose. (The true curse of being a sports fan)

But Bennett’s energy was contagious and his excitement for the series (semi-finals) grew and Steve couldn’t help but take him. Bennett was beside himself when he found out he was getting out of school early to go to the game 4 and it may have been the most magical baseball experience he will ever witness in person. We were down in the series 2-1 and there wasn’t a lot of hope we would pull off a win. But we did and they were there to celebrate with a stadium mostly filled with Phillies fans!

Steve has been a Dbacks fan since he was younger and he was on his mission when they won the World Series back in 2001. There is a family story I can’t help but think of when I think of the Dbacks. Here’s a quote from Steve’s mission journal, “I laughed so hard when I got Paul’s email this week. He started if off saying, “Diamondbacks win, Diamondbacks win!” He then explained the game by game of what happened.  Chills ran down my spine.  I could feel the excitement in his letter and I knew that game 7 must have been something big.” At the very end of a long and detailed Dbacks email, Paul shared the birth of his 5 child – no details, just the birth! We still laugh about it today.

Here’s a few throw back pictures of Bennett’s early Dback days. 🙂