Even though I haven’t lived in the state of Idaho for 22 years – every time I see an Idaho license plate it brings a smile to my face.

Idaho license plates have a unique identifying system in which you know what county every car is from. When we were in elementary school, we learned all the counties in alphabetical order and that makes the license plate labeling easy to understand. For example, there are 10 counties that start with B. On the plates, the counties are identified 1B, 2B, 3B and so forth in alphabetical order.

We were driving behind an Idaho plate yesterday and Steve knows my obsession with stating the county so he was quick to the draw and quickly blurted, “Boise County”. Nope. I stated it was Bannock and after he challenged me he realized I was right. There is some dusty corner of my brain that has retained the useless knowledge of Idaho counties.

Not only that, but because I grew up in such a small town where everybody knows your name, every time I see a 1P plate, I’m always a little surprised when I don’t recognize the people in the car!