Last Christmas, my parents gave us the gift of a Suns game as a family. But Booker was injured on Christmas day and it just didn’t seem right to go to a game knowing he wouldn’t be playing when half the family wears his jersey. So we waited to cash in our gift. And just when Booker was finally healthy and playing again – we traded some players for Kevin Durant and the price of tickets tripled in price. So we waited – even though Briggs was so anxious to go to his first Suns game.

It’s a new season and we finally made it happen and put those jerseys to good use. (Cannon’s birthday was just after this and he received his very own booker jersey.) We saw Booker play which is what dreams are made of when you’re a young fan. And we now have a Suns plastic popcorn bucket which is proving to be just as cool as the jersey and a fraction of the price!

They love watching the Suns on TV but watching in person is next level. So much excitement. So much energy. So many memories.