As a parent, I have found there are few things I celebrate more than my children’s independence. I know we’re told we should mourn them growing up but the truth is, my whole job as a mom is essentially to work myself out of job by teaching them how to do all the tasks I currently do for them. Sure, it feels good to be needed, but it feels better to see your kid successfully managing tasks you once did for them.

Steve had one of those celebratory parent moments this weekend.

He has had the kids helping him put the Christmas lights up on the house ever since they were little. The older they got, the more they were able to actually help and eventually earned a spot on the roof. Steve pulled the bucket of lights out of the garage and summoned the kids for their help. Just as the kids were gathering outside, Steve had a work call that required some attention so he went back in the house while he was on the phone. The call took longer than he anticipated and by the time he came back outside – all the lights were hung. With Hunter has the project manager – the kids managed it all on their own and they did an amazing job. Steve can pat himself on the back because they have been trained extremely well – so well, they don’t need supervision anymore. Success!