We’ve been attending the high school homecoming parade ever since we moved here. For such a large high school, it’s a pretty short parade, but they throw buckets of candy and my kids walk away from the parade with more candy than they do on Halloween. And when my kids walk in the parade, we provide bags of candy so we end up getting our candy back but with the special treatment of being thrown from a car and landing on hot pavement. 🙂

I remember the days of sitting at this parade with all five of my little kids running out to get candy. This year it was just Briggs and me. Bennett was at the Diamondbacks game with Steve. Hunter was at a soccer game in California. Cannon walked with the elementary school with a dia de los muertes themed float to highlight their spanish immersion program. And Hallie was in the parade on the pickleball club truck. Which left Briggs to scoop up all the candy on his own – he was not complaining.

We went to the homecoming game that night and they had so much more than a football game being played. Briggs and Cannon went from the military chopper to the bounce houses and then back to the chopper. They were entertained the whole night and probably didn’t even realize there was a football game going on.

I was more invested in the football game, but even more excited watching the Diamonbacks game on the phone of guy in front of me in the stands. The Dbacks had several good moments which prompted half the stands to stand up and cheer in unison – which was probably confusing to the football team who kept getting large screams of cheers when they didn’t do anything great.

We ended the night with a football win as well as a baseball win and everyone left happy.