As if my parents didn’t attend enough soccer games with their own 5 children – they’re now watching the next generation carry on the game. There are very few people who would take the bait to come for a weekend when we had 8 soccer games (2 for Hunter, 3 for Bennett, 2 for Cannon and 1 for Briggs – none of which was tournament play). But there was very little hesitation for my parents and for that I am grateful.

Not only was it a soccer weekend, it was also Hallie’s 18th birthday and Halloween a few days later. They were fully immersed in our busy lives and I’m sure they were happy to go home and slow down just a bit.

On top of that we did some shopping, listened to Hunter serenade us on the guitar, attended the Halloween parade at the elementary school, walked to the Halloween house, worked on my mom’s memory book, watched the Diamondbacks in the World Series, hosted a dinner on Halloween, went trick-or-treating, and played soccer in the backyard.

We enticed them with a weekend full of soccer and sun but they ended up getting so much more. I’m grateful they were willing to make a last minute trip!