‘Tis the season for the annual Turkey Trot! When I tell people I run the turkey trot they are led to believe I’m a runner in the turkey trot and that could not be further from the truth. (I hate running and would choose just about any physical activity besides running)

When I say I “run” the trot, I mean I’m the race director for the trot. And with that role comes a very busy couple months in the fall. It also means, turkey trot prep is a family affair. (And not just because Steve’s brother started this race and all the proceeds go to our niece’s blindness charity and AZ Brainfood which is so near and dear to my heart.)

The kids always enjoy helping with the packet pickup the day before the race. And the morning of, they are right there beside me helping set up and cleaning up after. But even before race day, our family is helping out. And I am so grateful they are willing pitch in.

One major project every year is getting the medals ready for race day. They come individually packaged and we have to remove them from a little bag and group them together in manageable quantities so they’re easy to distribute on race day. Over the years Hallie has figured out a great system and she sits at the counter and goes to work. She’s teaching Hunter her method so he can step up next year and carry on the work!

We’ve got three days left of preparation and my head is spinning just a little with all the little things we’re wrapping up. I’m just grateful at this point the forecast is clear – everything is more complicated if it rains!