Hunter’s friends treated him well for his birthday with a nicely decorated bedroom.

His friend had a birthday today and he repaid the favor. He said, “I just want to fill her room with balloons.” He helped tie all the balloons when we filled Hallie’s room – but he insisted on more balloons. In case you were wondering – this is what 300+ balloons looks like. I think we could have done more but the blister on my finger had already popped and I couldn’t tie another balloon if I wanted to.

I’m convinced we need automated tying machines for balloons – we live in a world with self driving cars, the technology to tie a balloon can’t be that difficult!

She was more than a little surprised when she came home to her room this evening full of balloons. Hopefully she knows someone else having a birthday soon and these balloons (and my blisters) won’t go to waste and she can pass them on to the next person.