Tis the season for gathering and parties! I don’t mind hosting events at our house but I’m not as comfortable with the entertaining part and you’ll often find me in the pantry while Steve does the socializing.

For the second year in a row, we removed all the furniture from our living room and turned it into a dining hall for a leadership dinner. (There’s nothing like removing your couches to remind you it’s time to clean your carpets.) Luckily the meal was catered but I’m still amazed at how long it takes to get ready – I always think it should be a faster process than it is.

Shortly after hosting the “gratitude dinner” I got a text from Hunter asking if we wanted to host the soccer team dinner. I was coming off the turkey trot and the thought of hosting anyone was more than I could handle so I opted out. A week later I received another text from Hunter stating no one had signed up to host the first dinner. He’s the team captain so I think he felt a responsibility to find someone to host the dinner. He added it may be a good time to host because the coach said he would make the first meal if someone was willing to host. I knew we would have to eventually host and feed the team so Hunter was looking out for me when he suggested we host early and not have to cook the meal!

So we gathered the team at our house and it was easy peasy. Hunter set up the tables and chairs and the coach brought the food. I didn’t even worry about cleaning the house because they’re teenage boys and wouldn’t notice if I did or didn’t. 🙂