We were at a family Christmas gathering last night and I had shared with my sister-in-law that the boxes in my room were piling up and I needed to go through them to make sure I had all the gifts I had ordered. (This pile has been growing for quite some time and it was just easier to not open the boxes so I knew they were safe from curious eyes).

Upon hearing my reluctance to sit down and go through everything, my niece offered to help me out. I know she was being kind but she came up to me a little later in the evening and said she thought it would be fun to help – I could tell she was sincere and this morning I sent her a text and told her I was going to tackle the pile. (While I still have a few days left of kids in school)

She joined me with her little boy and we had the most enjoyable morning: Opening boxes, sorting into piles and we even took over Steve’s job and started wrapping. We talked and connected and made sure the toddler didn’t find the scissors or open any of the presents!

I had been dreading this task for far too long – which is not typically like me. I was sick last week and it zapped my energy and I didn’t have the same zest for prepping presents like I usually do. But thanks to my lovely niece, my angel elf, we are back on track and ready to roll!