Cannon was so patient as we put delayed his birthday party a few weeks. I think he was okay with it because he couldn’t decide what kind of party he wanted to have. He thought he wanted a sports party (like Hunter had when he was younger). But then he was confident he wanted a science party (like Bennett did a few years back). But he must have talked to a few friends at school because he came home confident again in the sports party – so we ran with it.

Hunter was considerably younger when we threw this party for him so it took much more parent involvement to run the games and drills. Cannon knew exactly what he wanted to do – he wanted to play chair soccer and frisbee dodgeball and all the kids were old enough to play without intervention which was so much fun to watch. We could have made the party an hour longer and it still wouldn’t have been enough time for the kids.

Because it was a “sports” party we invited everyone to wear their favorite jersey and wouldn’t you know it half the kids showed up in a Suns Devin Booker jersery – and we didn’t even play any basketball. Which actually came in handy when we were dividing teams because all the Bookers were on one side against everyone else. 🙂

Cannon was happy with how the party turned out which is all I could hope for.

After everyone cleared out, we cleaned up the party and then cleared out the living room of all it’s furniture as we prepped for the function we were hosting the next evening. Never a dull moment around here!