Bennett got an invitation in the mail to attend a “Teen Elect” event at our church and although he acted like he didn’t want to go, I knew he was secretly a little curious about the evening.

Both Hallie and Hunter have attended this activity when they were 12 & 13 years old so they provided just the right amount of hype. It was also fun that Hallie was helping run the event so Bennett knew there would be a familiar face.

Teen elect is a crash course on socializing, dancing and manners for young pre-teen/early teens.

They learned proper dining etiquette and had a nice sit down meal where they could practice what the learned. After dinner they attended mini classes and Hallie taught the class on how to talk and carry conversations by asking questions and providing information.

They had dance lessons and then had a little dance where they could practice.

I’m sure you can tell from the pictures – Bennett had a terrible time. 🙂 I’m actually not sure who had more fun, Hallie or Bennett!

Hallie brought the energy and the kids responded so well to her. She was in the middle of dance floor teaching those kids how to let loose. As uncomfortable as he was, Bennett was on the dance floor the whole time both asking and being asked to dance. He didn’t make a run for the bathroom one time the whole night and you better believe that kid can carry on a conversation – he’s an old soul!