Between all the Turkey Trot prep and the Turkey Trot, I managed to make 130 rolls. 🙂

I typically make them the day before, freeze them in their knotted but not risen state. The morning of Thanksgiving, I pull them out and they rise while we’re trotting. We get home, and bake away before heading to eat with family. This year was no different. There are few things I like more at the Thanksgiving table than homemade rolls.

Steve’s brother hosted a beautiful dinner and we gathered with the family that was available which was about 50 people.

I can’t write a Thanksgiving post without sharing my gratitude for this guy. Thanksgiving is always a little busy around our house due to the Turkey Trot but Steve just steps up and takes care of all the things that slip through my hands. He cleans up my messes as I run out the door and he entertains the kids while I crash on the couch when it’s all said and done. He is my balance in all things.

Thanksgiving weekend we got some good family time in. One of the favorite extended family activities is cardio tennis. We showed up to the high school courts and played for hours. Although very few in the family actually played tennis in high school – they are all athletic, very competitive and have had experience with the sport. So cardio tennis with the gang is so much fun. Hallie was a shining star and it was fun for her cousins to see her play some since most don’t live in the area. Hunter also held his own and he’s participated in this game for a few years with not as much confidence.

I wish we would have taken a picture when we had two courts full of family – instead we snapped one after half the group left. Still a reminder of how awesome it is to have so many fun cousins.

We also attended our last ASU game for the season and we haven’t seen stands this full in a few years (most of them were UofA fans but still – a full stadium is fun to be a part of). Sadly ASU had a poor showing for their final game and left us wondering if they’ll ever be decent again.

Thanksgiving week was fun and exhausting on so many levels. I’m grateful for our little family. They are the center of my world and I love it. I’m grateful for all the extended family we were able to gather with. We talked, we swam, we played, we connected. They are as good as they come and I find myself in awe with just how fortunate we are to be one big family. And now we get to ride this high into the Christmas season.