This beautiful girl recently attended her last winter formal dance.

She had a beautiful dress lined up and for one reason or another, it just didn’t work out. So a week before the dance she was scrambling without a dress. Her cousin is going to school up in Utah and shipped her two of her old winter formal dresses and they arrived three days before the dance. They both fit Hallie beautifully and in the 11th hour she had two options to choose from and couldn’t go wrong with either.

We only got a group picture with half the group. The other half had commitments and weren’t able to join until later.

Gingerbread houses seem to be standard post-dance activity for winter formal. The kids are usually exhausted after the dance so sitting down and decorating a gingerbread house is just the energy they’re looking for.

And I can’t post a dance without showing the ask and answer.

Years ago we were stick figures for Halloween. We still had all the cutout heads so Hallie decided to use them to ask her date.

His room has a window well, so she taped several heads to the outside of his window along with several packs of gum. He keeps his blinds shut typically so she had a pack of gum on his pillow that told him to open his blinds so her ask would be revealed.

For the “day date” portion of the dance they went to downtown Gilbert for dinner and an escape room – in which they successfully escaped.

And the day after the dance – she asked someone to the next dance which isn’t for another two months!