Christmas at our house is an event – we have no where to be on Christmas day and we take advantage of our time together. Present opening has always been done at a snails pace. Open a few presents. Prep breakfast. Open a few presents. Eat breakfast. Open a few presents. Play with a few presents. Open a few more.

We’ve always done it this way to so our kids don’t know any different but their friends always seem alarmed with how long it takes for us to finish up – and not because the amount of presents. We just like to take our time.

I love the excitement of the morning and I love capturing the moments. However, the videos from this morning are even better because of all the funny commentary and stories you hear in the background of all the videos.

Here are a few of my favorite reactions:

Steve’s parents joined us for a good portion of our morning including breakfast and its always fun to share our morning with them – they have become a staple in our home Christmas morning. We even had Steve’s brother visiting from out of town and he also stopped by to enjoy our morning with us.

And then there is always the aftermath – chaotic and messy but oddly relaxing at the same time: Everyone content and occupied with their gifts.

There were so many happy moments. And not just happy, but deeply fulfilling ones as well. Knowing our family is growing and on the cusp of big changes we were all fully aware of the desire to linger with this magic just a little longer.