I’ve seen a meme multiple times on social media that reads, “POV: When the girls trip finally makes it out of the group chat…” and all the women are extremely old. Because let’s be honest – all good ideas go to group chats to die!

One of Hallie’s friends suggested a camping trip on a group chat. Every one said how much fun it would be and many said they wanted to go. This is the point where I expected the idea to die. Instead, some strong girls pulled a trip and supplies together and Hallie told me one night she was going camping the next day. I don’t think I could hide my surprise. She’s not a camper – she gets that from me. But she was excited for an adventure. And as you can imagine the group ended up being much smaller than all those who expressed interest originally.

As she was walking out the door, I pulled up the weather app to find the most disappointing news – they were camping outside on one of the coldest days of the year and one of the 36 days a year it rains. I thought that may discourage her, but it didn’t and she went skipping out the door.

I got a text from one of the other moms that evening:

Mom: What’s your prediction…are the girls coming home or staying the whole night camping?

Me: If it was just Hallie my money would be on her sleeping here tonight!! However, they’ve got Addie and Sierra who are far more comfortable being uncomfortable. What’s your prediction?

Mom: I thought for sure they’d stay until Addie said it started sprinkling a bit ago…now I am wondering.

Mom: Her next text said #learningexperience

Mom: At least they have fire

It did indeed rain on them and they were scrambling to make sure everything was protected from the rain. They sat in their tent braving the cold while torrential winds and rain pounded them.

At one point someone suggested they pack it up and head home. It was only 10pm and they were only 40 minutes from home but they were bound and determined to prove all their guy friends wrong – they were fully capable of camping on their own without any help – they just forgot to check the weather!

I got this picture from Hallie just before going to bed – camping is fun isn’t it! She didn’t get the best sleep but it wasn’t the worst either.

The next morning they were all smiles – aside from all their chairs being wet from the rain. They did have dry firewood which is what was most important. And they cooked themselves a killer breakfast.

I was proud of all of them – I’m not sure any of them have camped without some adult helping and leading them along but they lived to tell about it and that’s half the fun of any experience. They had some mishaps and learned a lot. My guess is they plan another adventure and I’m confident they will plan around the weather!