Hunter’s club soccer season is on hold while the high school season is active and he’s really enjoyed playing for his school. He made the freshman team and even before games started he was working with the JV team and even started in the first game of the season – he’s now exclusively JV and he’s crushing it as center defender. He’s smart and tactical and as his coach has noted, he’s a calming force in back field. He’s dedicated on and off the field and it shows in how he plays – never a fancy player, just consistent.

This evening we sat in the stands watching his game with the most vibrant Arizona sunset as a backdrop. I was in my happy place!

Truthfully any time I’m watching my kids in their activities I’m in my happy place, but adding a beautiful sunset is just icing on the cake. I could do without some of the cold evenings we sit in the stands but I wouldn’t have it any other way.