Christmas has long been put away (except for the Christmas cards on the fridge of course) but there’s one gift I’m still in awe of and think about daily and that is a gift Steve gave me.

There was a small card on the tree with the letter K on it. When I opened it Christmas morning, it was a clue and I ran around the house trying to figure out where the clue led. Eventually, I ended up in the game room and I could see a video was cued up to play on the tv.

I sat down as all the kids and Steve filed into the room and made themselves comfortable on the couches. On the tv was Steve talking to me. He spoke of a secret project he’s been working on for a long time and this video was a culmination of all his efforts. The secret project was him learning to play (on the piano) our wedding song my brother wrote for us 20 years ago.

I was in shock and emotional.

For the record, Steve doesn’t play the piano. But the video chronicled his journey of taking piano lessons outside our home and then practicing every time I left the home to drive soccer or had meetings at the school. The kids were all in on it – they all knew what was going on and I was clueless.

Hallie helped by compiling the video together and she did an amazing job. She took all the videos Steve had filmed while learning to play and then told a beautiful story of his humor and wit and lack of musical ability. 🙂 She captured his diligence and efforts and even frustrations. It was beautiful and so moving and I’d share it if it wasn’t so vulnerable for him.

Even as I write it about it now, it still makes me emotional. It was the most tender and meaningful Christmas gift I’ve ever received. He showed me love in a way I hadn’t witnessed before and it was touching.

I asked if he was going to keep taking lessons now that the gift has been presented. He didn’t think he wanted to spend the time and money to keep up with lessons, but he still sits down to work through the song a few times a week. I love hearing the song bounce off the walls of our home, it reminds me of our commitment to each other and my love for this special man.

As a sidenote: I think this little project has sparked an interest in Hunter and he’s been sitting down at the piano for probably an hour daily working through songs he’s learning from youtube. Morning and night we hear the latest song he’s trying to master and I love it.