I should be posting about Christmas but that post has a million pictures and seems time consuming so I keep putting it off.

Instead I leave you with this gem:

Our friends texted us yesterday inviting us to a last minute adventure to enjoy some snow. Snow in Arizona is a rarity – but once in a while, we get lucky and snow is as close as an hour away. Today was the last day of our kids’ Christmas break so we threw out the plans we had previously scheduled to prep the kids to go back to school and we drove to the snow.

This picture makes it look like a miserable day but in all reality it was a beautiful day and there were giggles all day long. Briggs had the misfortune of being launched off the front of his sled into the biggest pile of powder of snow. He handled it like a champ. And then he realized there was snow all down the inside his jacket and his face started to sting from the cold of the snow and the tears started to flow. It was short lived but it was a moment.

Today was snow. Tomorrow is school and I get to restore some desperately needed order to our home. New year, fresh start.