While many are complaining of continual snow days where everything is cancelled, we are driving an hour and a half to find snow for the fun of it.

We have bins and bins of snow clothes and boots in every size stocked away in the attic and we typically pull them out once a year for a ski trip. It’s been years since we’ve taken the kids sledding and we were long overdue. As luck would have it, it dumped an abnormal amount on a Sunday afternoon/evening before a Monday school holiday. Our friends have a cabin an hour and a half away so we joined them for a day in the snow and we benefited from a warm cabin to retreat to when it was cold and we were hungry.

We were so excited when we were driving north and found snow on the road just 35 minutes from our house – it was so close to the lake exit we typically take in the summer time which was blowing the kids’ minds. We were sad our older two had to miss out but Hallie had work and Hunter had soccer so it was just the younger three and they loved every minute.

We found a long driveway near the cabin with deep snow and they could’ve stayed there all day trying to figure out how to get the most air – and they made some impressive jumps.

After lunch, the kids were ready for another round of sledding, a snowball fight and it was time to build a snowman – a tradition they were unfamiliar with!

We couldn’t have chosen a better activity for our last day of Christmas break!