Cannon had a classroom spelling bee where he was awarded 3rd place – or the first class alternate for the school wide contest – his first year eligible to participate.

Third place is awesome. You get the satisfaction of knowing your a good speller without having to compete at the higher level! 🙂

One morning as I was driving Hunter’s high school carpool I received a call from the school – it was Cannon – the girl from his classroom didn’t show up to school and as an alternate he was going to be competing in 15 minutes. I had to make a quick turn to drop off kids, I ran home and switched out my slippers for tennis shoes and rushed off to the school. I walked in to see Cannon sitting on the stage, rocking his warm comfy, because that’s how he rolls. I was beginning to think he should have looked over the spelling list in preparation “just in case”.

After just a few kids had taken a turn I had flashbacks to when Hallie participated and I remember feeling so uncomfortable for her. Nothing I could do would take away her nerves or soften the embarrassment and it was a terrible feeling. I watched Cannon on the stage in nervous anticipation knowing at some point he would likely make a mistake – I could tell from his facial expressions he too experienced some heartache for each kid who spelled a word wrong.

I watched, on the edge of my seat silently cheering for every kid – I didn’t want any of them to make a mistake. By the second round, a kid who got out was sitting off the stage with tears running down is face. My momma heart was breaking for him. Why are these so brutal to watch?!

Cannon made it several rounds before getting out which was a good experience for him. I could tell when his last round word was said, he didn’t know the word and he did his best to sound it out. Later he informed me it was the same exact word that knocked him out of his classroom contest – and even then, he didn’t know the word. And that’s okay.

I was so proud of him for competing with a few minutes notice. He said he was nervous but by the sounds of it, it was harder on the parents than it was on the students!