The first time I heard the words “squirrel feeder kit” was when Briggs was sitting on Santa’s lap at our neighborhood party. I asked him about it later and he kept talking about the list of 27 things. I had no idea what he was talking about – he just kept repeating, “You know, the 27 list.” After some additional digging I found out the 27 list was a list he gave me of the things he wanted for Christmas. Sandwiched between gum and and candy lower on the list was squirrel feeder kit. He also gave me one of those large toy catalogs and he had circled the feeder kit in the magazine – not sure how I missed that circle on page 72 of 150!

I broke the news to him we don’t have squirrels. He informed me we don’t have any because we don’t leave food out for them…hence the need for the squirrel feeder kit. He really put in some time thinking about this. With this much concern I knew he needed to open this on Christmas.

Just before Christmas a note came home from school. He had written a letter to the classroom elf and wouldn’t you know it, Twix was kind enough to write back. (Evidently this is a continuous letter which is why it starts out the way it does – they have been writing to the elf back and forth)

The excitement on Christmas morning when he ripped the paper and saw his most sought after gift was priceless. Who would’ve thought that much happiness could come from such a simple gift.

When we were done opening gifts, you better believe he immediately got to work – the squirrels could not go another hour without being fed!

Unfortunately, there have been no squirrel sightings – major disappointment. Briggs even insisted we put it in a place where our backyard cameras are so we can hopefully catch a glimpse. I love his energy around this and I really hope we find some success but it’s not looking good. If nothing else, we have a beautiful art project displayed in our back yard.

A quick thank you to Mark Rober and his popular “Squirrel Ninja Course” youtube video for Briggs’ new found interest in the furry little creatures!