As we work on the backyard, the trampolines have been moved right next to the house. Which has created a whole new level of fun as they create games throwing balls onto the roof and catching them.

Maybe it’s because we have two side-by-side, but my kids (and all their friends) love the trampoline setup. We’re in the process of digging a spot in the yard so they can be at ground level and although I’m excited for the safety of not being able to fall off – I’ll miss their heads bobbing above the block fence as I pull into the driveway. (However, I won’t miss them jumping off the fence onto the tramp!) I thought I was the only one who noticed the bobbing heads, but clearly my neighbor noticed as well.

I received this text message:
When my kids were younger, they loved jumping on the tramp. But I don’t think they could ever compare to how much your kids love the tramp!! EVERY time I drive by there are happy children bouncing. Good job mom!! Ps.I’m not underestimating that there might be a “ get out of here “ “find something else to do” that accompanies the jumping , 😆 haha

For now, we’re enjoying the new trampoline scenery until they find their permanent home on the other side of the yard.