Spring is my favorite sports season for my kids! It combines the boys soccer tournament season and Hallie’s tennis season to provide my favorite spectator events.

But with the school tennis season comes booster responsibilities (I’m the girls booster, but I do almost just as much for the boys team as well) and I think I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. It always ends up a busy couple weeks at the beginning of the season. Between photos, banners, court signage, yard signs, sweatshirts, warm ups, shirts, etc…I’ve had my plate full but I really enjoy it. I love being involved with the school and I find fulfillment using my talents to benefit my kids and their activities.

Today was the season opener and I was in my happy place sitting in the stands cheering my kid on. I already know the season is going to go too fast!

Here’s just a few booster items I’m finishing up.

(These chenille letter sweatshirts are just a mock up, but I know they are going to turn out darling!)